Freeletics: Strength guide, sore muscles and app

Hello Dudes,

I just started with my second freeletics training guide and I want update you about my latest training. My new guide focusses on strength and I think this will help me to shape and form more muscles. The results of the first guide were good and so I am ready and motivated to continue. After I finished my cardio & strength guide I took a break of 4 weeks. It was nice to hang out and to relax a little, but I also felt, that I was missing the training. It incredible how much effect sports has on your mood and how it helps you to think positive.

Now I just have made it trough the first week of my guide and the first lessons were all about collecting training data. I did several pull-up, push-up and squats max exercises. The results you submit are important for the digital coach to adapt the workouts to your actual fitness. I am curious how my first workouts will look like. Finally the digital coach has made it into the app. Thats a huge improvement and helps me to keep to my training plan, when I am training outside.

Now I would like to share some of my training experience about sore muscles. During the first weeks I had huge problems with this. What helped me was to use a warming cream called Finalgon. The cream preheats your muscles and this is perfect when you are training outside or doing pull- and push-ups. You have to be careful not to put on too much because the effect is pretty strong. When I am training I apply the cream on my shoulders and thighs before I go jogging.  Give me feedback what you do against sore muscles.

In the future I will expand my blog activity and talk about cooking, sports and gadgets for stay-at-home-dudes. Therefore I have designed three logos which represent the topics I am blogging about. Let me know what you think about my idea.