Green cabbage with chickpeas, beetroot and bulgur

Hi Dudes,

today I paid another visit to our Bilder & De Clercq shop around the corner and discovered a nice vegetarian recipe, which I want to share with you today. This dish gets it’s typical flavour from a spice mix called “Ras el hanout”, which is originally from North-Africa. 

For 2 people you need:

PREP:  15
COOK: 20 min
LEVEL: easy

Bulgur /  100 g
Green cabbage / 0.5  
Chickpeas / 1 can
Feta / 150 g
Beetroot / 2 pre-cooked

Olive oil / 2 tablespoons
Ras el hanout / 1 teaspoon

Walnut oil / 4 tablespoons
Garlic / 1 clove
Red wine vinegar / 1 teaspoon
Sea salt / a pinch
Pepper / a pinch


1. Bring 1 liter water to a boil in a small pot, add bulgur and cook for 15 min. 

2. Meanwhile cut the cabbage and the beetroot in 1 cm thin slices.

3. Chop the garlic very fine and add it to a small bowl. Add the walnut oil, vinegar and spice up with salt and pepper. We will use this as a seasoning.

3. Take a large pan, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of water and stew the cabbage for 10 min at high heat. During the first 5 min cover the pan with a lid. The cabbage is ready, if it is tender and starts to get brown.  

4. Strain the bulgur and the chickpeas and add them to the pan with the cabbage.

5. Spice with pepper, salt and Ras el hanout. 

6. Take two soup plates and add the cabbage mixture from the pan and decorate with beetroot slices. Sprinkle with the seasoning and crumble the feta over it.