Tandoori salmon with yogurt and Naan bread

Hi Dudes,

I am still alive and today I will post a new fresh recipe for all dudes out there! During the last months I was not thrilled about blogging anymore, and therefore I stopped. I also startet to work for three months full-time and went on a trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia together with my girlfriend. Therefore I spent many hours not staying-at-home anymore.

In January I continued to work part-time for an Australian company here in Amsterdam and started my own small business. Now I can spent again more of my lifetime based on my own priorities and decision. It feels good to be back at home and blog again. I also started to do freeletics again, but this is worth a different post and you are probably already starving. Here is a fine Bollywood-inspired recipe you and your girlfriend will like!

For 2 people you need:

PREP:  15
COOK: 6 min
LEVEL: easy

Salomon / 300 g
Naan bread / 2 

Greek yogurt / 250 g
Cucumber / 1 small
Tandoori paste / 2 – 3 teaspoons 
Red chili / 1
Coriander / 1 bunch
Lemon / 1
Olive oil / 4 tablespoons
Sea salt / a pinch
Pepper / a pinch


0. Preheat the oven by 180 °C. 

1. Cut the salmon in 6 pieces each 1cm thick and marinate with the tandoori paste.

2. Cut the cucumber in half. Get rid of the inner part with the seeds and cut the rest in small cubes. The inner part contains a lot of water and we do not want this water in the yogurt. Also remove the seeds from the chili and cut it in thin slices. Separate the coriander leaves from the stalk and put them aside

3. Add 2/3 of the chili and the cucumber cubes in a bowl to the yogurt. Spice up with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

4. Bake the Naan bread in the oven for 5 to 6 min. At the end preheat 2 plates in the oven.

5. Meanwhile Grab a big pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and brown the salmon for 1,5 min at medium to high heat on each side.

6. Cut the lemon in small slices. Place the bread on the preheated plates, add a little bit of olive oil, add yogurt, salmon pieces and decorate with coriander leaves, rest of the chili and lemon slices.