Freeletics – Amsterdam sports group

Hello Dudes,

I know that a lot of people are interested in freeletics. Thank you for your requests and feedback. I am planing to do my own review video after I have finished my 15-weeks guide (cardio & strength) in February. Furthermore I want to try out the freeletics nutrition guide and make a list of healthy meals I already postet on my blog.

Now I am in week 11 and my workouts have changed  completely after I have missed 2 sessions last week. I skipped the sessions because I felt my back muscles needed some time to regenerate. So this week I have to do 4 cardio-only sessions. I think that the change of the training to cardio-only is a reaction of the freeletics training guide. If so it is good to know, that if you experience muscles failures the guide reacts on this in adapting the training intensity or focus.

I have started a Freeletics Amsterdam sports group. If you are interested to join the group just add it on Facebook.

Join my AMSTERDAM freeletics sport group now!

I train in the Sarphatipark in Amsterdam. The park is small but has all you need. A large outdoor workout area with pull-up and push up bars etc., a basketball court and one round in the park is about 800 m. There are several shortcuts so you can adapt the running distance easily to your training plan. And one important thing is, that it is not too crowded during summer and no bicycles are allowed in the park. I will add some photos as soon as the sun shines again.

Meeting point is at the training site shown as a blue pot on the map below. I will post my training times in the group. Feel free to join the stay-at-home-dude and start with your training. 

Hi Dudes,

I have been really lazy the last weeks. That’s why I have not updated my blog for such a long time. Nevertheless I have some fresh ideas for 2014. One has to do with sports and because food and sport fit so perfectly together, I would like to start today with an introduction to the workout I do as a stay-at-home-dude. It’s called freeletics and it is a body-weight only workout that I started in Oktober 2013. After a couple of years without serious training I had problems to get in shape again. As an engineer I mainly worked sitting in front of a computer and lost a lot of my physical fitness. It’s incredibly how office work can affect your health.

For me it was important to start a workout that I can not only do in the park, but also at home and without having to go to the gym. I compared 3 training guides and I decided to stick to freeletics. It’s definitely the hardest training I have ever done. After I signed up at Freeletics DE I started with the free training workouts. The first 5 weeks are free of charge and after signing up you get a new email every monday. It contains your training plan and basic information about the different workouts. I used these workouts to get used to the concept.


There are 2 types of workouts. One type is called MAX. During MAX workouts you have to do as many repetitions of one exercise as possible in 5 min. The other type are workouts that consist of various exercises like Pushups, Burpees, Situps etc. and you have to do all repetitions and stop your time.

All workouts during one day are called sessions. One session can contain several workouts and MAX. During the week you have to train 3 to 5 times. In the beginning the amount of repetitions is overwhelming. During the first 5 weeks my body had to get used to the hard training. I almost quit in week 3 after having sore muscles and feeling sick, but I decided to stick to my training plan.

After the free training time I decided to buy a 15 weeks training guide. There are 3 types of guides – cardio, cardio & strength and strength. I wanted to start with the cardio & strength guide – burning fat and gaining muscles. Once you have started your guide it adapts the workouts to your personal development. It works almost like a personal coach.

Beside your online account there is also a freeletics app for iOS and Android. Unfortunately the app is more a collection of the available workouts and the coach is not really implemented. Perhaps this will be updated with a next version. I prefer to do my sessions, stop the time and submit the results to the website when I come back home.

Now I am in week 10 of the guide and have noticed how much my body and my overall fitness have changed. It’s a good idea to take pictures every week, so you can see how your body changes. I definitely keep on training. Although it is time based, you should always keep in mind to perform the exercises correctly and keep enough body tension. Everybody can check it out for free in the beginning. It will not fit to everybody but it’s worth it and I can recommend it. Freeletics receives 4 of 5 stay-at-home-dude-pots. As soon the app is updated I will add the 5th pot!

So now it’s up to you! Get your guide at Freeleticsand start your workout.