My name is Stefan, I was born in Germany and recently I made the major life decision to quit my job and to move into my girlfriends flat in Amsterdam. During the last few years, I was working as an engineer at a photovoltaic company in Germany as project manager for building integrated photovoltaic solutions. Due to the actual crisis in the solar industry I decided to change my life completely – I quit my job without having a new job prospect and started to live as a stay-at-home dude.

So while my girlfriend is working, I have the time to keep our apartment clean, to keep myself healthy with sports and exercise, and to cook for my girlfriend. I love cooking and photography and I am happy to have the time to improve these skills and excited to share my knowledge with you. On this blog I want to encourage every stay-at-home dude out there with easy recipes to impress your girls. I will post all the ingredients you need on my blog in advance so you have enough time to go to the supermarket, butcher, Asia store or anywhere else to buy everything. I want to motivate you to cook and, trust me, your girls will love it! Please send me feedback, pictures and your own recipes. I will try them out and post them on my site. Off we go!