Hey dudes,

this week I have been to a really nice restaurant in Amsterdam. It’s called “Bazar Amsterdam” and it’s located on the Albert Cuypstraat 182 in 1072 BL Amsterdam (www.bazaramsterdam.nl).  The building was originally an old church and is now used as a restaurant. They offer delicious north-african and oriental dishes for an affordable price. This visit has inspired me to the following recipe. I use harrissa spice to give it a nice flavor. Harissa is popular in the kitchen of northern Africa and is based on chili, cumin, coriander and garlic. It’s available as a spicy paste or dried powder.

PREP: 15 min
COOK: 15 min
LEVEL: easy

For 2 people you need

Pointed pepper or Paprika / 1 big
Zucchini / 1 small
Brocoli / handful
Couscous / 250 g 
Tomatoes / 1 can
Lemon / 1 organic
Oil / 2 tablespoons
 Garlic / 2 gloves
Sea salt
Harissa spice / 1 teaspoon 

1. Read the instructions on the packing of the couscous. I used a fast cooking type that is ready in 3 min. Often you have to let it swell in water for a couple of minutes before you can use it.
2. Cut the vegetables in small cubes. Put the brocoli in a small pot and cook it for 5 min. Strain it with cold or iced water and set it aside. 
3. Brown all vegetables together with minced garlic gloves in a big pan for 10 min. At the end add tomatoes, harissa spice and salt.
4. Finally add couscous and 3 – 4 lemon slices and cook for another 5 min. Check if it needs more salt.