Hey Dudes,

this week starts with a recipe from southern Germany. It’s called Dampfnudeln and can perhaps be compared with dumplings, except that Dampfnudeln don’t have a stuffing. My grandma used to make them when I was younger. After a few times trying, I am almost reaching the original taste now. But nevertheless, getting a nice crust is difficult. I prefer Dampfnudeln together with potato soup, but it can also be served with vanilla sauce, jam or canned peaches. Try out and decide what you like.

PREP:  45 min

COOK: 30 min

LEVEL: medium

For 2 people you need


Flour / 375 g 
Yeast / 20 g (fresh)
Sugar / a pinch
Milk / 175 ml
Butter / 50 g
Salt / 0.5 teespoon

Butter / 1 tablespoon
Salt / 0.5 teespoon
Water / approx. 200 ml 

Potato soup

Potatoes / 4 big floury
Bacon / 100 g diced
Leek / half
Carrot / half
Celery / 2 stems
Onion / 1 
Vegetable bouillon / 750 ml
Milk / 100 ml
Laurel leaf / 1
Marjoram / 0.25 teespoon
Flat parsley / 2 tablespoons

The Preparation

1. Start to mix the yeast with a little bit of the milk and sugar in a big bowl. If you use dry or instant yeast, you have to adjust the quantity. Allow it to stand for about 10 min at high room temperature. 

2. Meanwhile clean the vegetables, peel the potatoes. Cut everything in small cubes. Brown onions, carrots and bacon in a big pot.

3. Take the bowl and add flour, rest of the milk, salt and butter and form a smooth dough. Now it has to rest again for 30 min at high room temperature.

4. Deglaze the pot with bouillon and add all vegetables and herbs. Cook it for at least 30 min at medium temperature.

5. After 30 min form small dough balls with a diameter of 5 cm and let them rise for another 10 min. 

6. Prepare a high-rimmed pan with a lid and fill it with 200 ml water, 0.5 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon butter. Place the dough balls in the pan. Don’t place the dough balls too close to each other. There should be about 2-3 cm of free space around them. Cook them with completely closed lid for 30 min at low temperature. Don’t open the lid during this time! The tricky part is now to find out if the crust at the bottom of the Dampfnudeln is already golden brown. Using a glass lid really helps to see if all of the liquid has evaporated and the Dampfnudeln are beginning to brown! 

7. Remove the laurel leave, add milk to the soup and mix it with a hand blender. Spice with pepper, salt and nutmeg. Serve the soup in deep plates with flat parsley and the Dampfnudeln on a big plate.

Guten Appetit!