Hi Dudes,

I would like to update you on my freeletics training. Yesterday was the last day of my 15 weeks cardio & strength guide and I am glad I successfully completed the training. It was a long way and I struggled several times not to give up. Especially in the beginning it was really tough and I had to motivate myself to fight my way through it. After a couple of weeks I got used to the training and now it is an integral part of my life. I really enjoyed my training sessions in the end and from time to time I modified the workouts or added additional exercises to my training plan.

My general goal was to improve my overall fitness and to transform body fat into muscles. Perhaps I could have reached more muscles grow, but I am happy with the result. I feel much better now and my back and neck is not hurting any more. A couple of years ago I damaged my meniscus and therefore my right knee was a weak point. The training helped me to strengthen my knees and I feel much safer now to go skiing or playing basketball.

All in all it was worth it and I will continue with the training. This time I will focus more on shaping muscles and improving my overall fitness even more. I have made a video about my transformation and my training. It it meant to motivate you to start with your training and to get you off the couch. Surprise your girls and start today!

My 15+ weeks transformation with freeletics from Stay-at-home-dude on Vimeo.

Meanwhile I added a new section to my blog. It’s all about healthy food and sums up all recipes I have posted. I will expand this section from time to time. Stay tuned!