Hi Dudes,

yesterday I arrived in the charming city Freiburg. I have spent here 12 months at the Fraunhofer ISE working on my thesis and as a research assistant. I had so much good memories when I arrived with the bus from Karlsruhe. For me Freiburg is one of the most livable city in Germany! I climbed the Münster of Freiburg, walked through the city and drove on the mountain “Schauinsland”.  On its peak we had an amazing view into the valley and the winter sunset.

Together with Matze and Jan we cooked in Jan’s kitchen. Our plan was to watch the latest Warren-Miller’s ticket to ride skiing movie (www.skitheworld.de) at the CinemaxX Freiburg at 8 pm. The movie was the perfect inspiration for the winter season that has just begun. Because of this we did not had much time to prepare food.

But luckily, I brought some pieces of the cheesecake from Karlsruhe with me. As a main dish we than prepared a pistachio-risotto with fish and vegetables. It was the shortest kitchen-stay on my tour.

Jan opened a premium bottle of rum called “Tres hombres” and we enjoyed it while cooking. The rum is shipped by a sailing ship without engine, from the Caribbean to Europe! An Austrian and two Dutch dudes are running this type of cargo transport and sail across the Atlantic since 2010. What a great story.

The risotto we prepared was ok, but we left out the Fennel seeds and lavender. Perhaps of this I missed a little bit of flavor. Also adding parmesan is not mentioned in the recipe, but could be a nice idea. I will try to improve it when I prepare it again.

Thanks to Jan and Matze for being such nice hosts!

For 4 people you need: 
Vegetable bouillon / 900 ml
Saffron / 0.05 g
Onion / 1
Olive oil / 4 tablespoons
Risotto rice / 300 g
White wine / 150 ml
Fennel seeds / 2 teaspoons
Lavender flowers / 1 teaspoon
Vanilla pod / 0.5
Garlic / 2 claws
Orange zest
Pistachios / 80 g
Chili flakes
Red mullet or zander fillet / 400 g
Olive oil / 2 tablespoons
Fennel / 1
Chicory / 1
Sea salt