Hi Dudes,

I am back in Amsterdam. It was a nice week in Germany with a lot of sunshine.
Today I want to post a recipe that Jan-Ole sent me. It’s a really tasty self-made pesto based on almonds and basil.

For 2 people you need

Spaghetti / 250 – 300 g
Almonds / roasted, 90 g
Cherry tomatoes / 14 small and sweet
Garlic / 1 glove
Basil leaves / handful
Good olive oil / 5 tbsp
Sea salt
– Coarsely chop almonds in a blender. I use a dicer-extension from Esge for my hand blender. Just blend it for a couple of seconds. Fill it in a small bowl and put it aside.
– Put the garlic, 8 tomatoes, basil and sea salt in the dicer and blend everything medium fine.

– Add olive oil and the mixture to the bowl with almonds.

– Start cooking spaghetti in salted water.

– Meanwhile sear the rest of the tomatoes in a pan with a little bit of oil.

– Mix the spaghetti with the pesto and decorate with a basil leaf and the tomatoes.