Hi Dudes,

I have been really lazy the last weeks. That’s why I have not updated my blog for such a long time. Nevertheless I have some fresh ideas for 2014. One has to do with sports and because food and sport fit so perfectly together, I would like to start today with an introduction to the workout I do as a stay-at-home-dude. It’s called freeletics and it is a body-weight only workout that I started in Oktober 2013. After a couple of years without serious training I had problems to get in shape again. As an engineer I mainly worked sitting in front of a computer and lost a lot of my physical fitness. It’s incredibly how office work can affect your health.

For me it was important to start a workout that I can not only do in the park, but also at home and without having to go to the gym. I compared 3 training guides and I decided to stick to freeletics. It’s definitely the hardest training I have ever done. After I signed up at Freeletics DE I started with the free training workouts. The first 5 weeks are free of charge and after signing up you get a new email every monday. It contains your training plan and basic information about the different workouts. I used these workouts to get used to the concept.

Source: www.freeletics.com

There are 2 types of workouts. One type is called MAX. During MAX workouts you have to do as many repetitions of one exercise as possible in 5 min. The other type are workouts that consist of various exercises like Pushups, Burpees, Situps etc. and you have to do all repetitions and stop your time.

All workouts during one day are called sessions. One session can contain several workouts and MAX. During the week you have to train 3 to 5 times. In the beginning the amount of repetitions is overwhelming. During the first 5 weeks my body had to get used to the hard training. I almost quit in week 3 after having sore muscles and feeling sick, but I decided to stick to my training plan.

After the free training time I decided to buy a 15 weeks training guide. There are 3 types of guides – cardio, cardio & strength and strength. I wanted to start with the cardio & strength guide – burning fat and gaining muscles. Once you have started your guide it adapts the workouts to your personal development. It works almost like a personal coach.

Beside your online account there is also a freeletics app for iOS and Android. Unfortunately the app is more a collection of the available workouts and the coach is not really implemented. Perhaps this will be updated with a next version. I prefer to do my sessions, stop the time and submit the results to the website when I come back home.

Now I am in week 10 of the guide and have noticed how much my body and my overall fitness have changed. It’s a good idea to take pictures every week, so you can see how your body changes. I definitely keep on training. Although it is time based, you should always keep in mind to perform the exercises correctly and keep enough body tension. Everybody can check it out for free in the beginning. It will not fit to everybody but it’s worth it and I can recommend it. Freeletics receives 4 of 5 stay-at-home-dude-pots. As soon the app is updated I will add the 5th pot!

So now it’s up to you! Get your guide at Freeleticsand start your workout.

Hi Dudes,

I have arrived in Schwäbisch Hall, my final destination on my kitchen tour 2013. Feels good to come back home to the city were I was born. The last event took place at a LAN party at Jochen’s place. It felt like being transported back to the past, playing old school games, hanging out with friends and staying up all night long. Because we were 14 people, I decided to prepare lasagne. As dessert I made vanilla ice cream with raspberries and roasted almonds. I think everybody enjoyed it.

At the end of my tour I wish everybody a happy christmas and some pleasant days with your families. On my tour I have thought about a couple of new ideas for my blog for 2014. Many thanks again to all hosts and all the support on my tour. It was a trip I will never forget.


Hi Dudes,

on Friday I arrived in Stuttgart and stayed in the kitchen of Dani and Bernie. Domi joined the kitchen team and we had a relaxed evening with a lot of good food and drinks. A big thank you for hosting this event!

We prepared a 3 course menu starting with a “Flädlesuppe“, a swabian soup made of bouillon and pancake stripes, and followed by the main dish trout with herbs and ricotta-spinach dumplings.
As dessert we made baked apples with vanilla ice cream. After the dessert Bernie offered a selection of different whiskies.

Hi Dudes,

now I am back again in my old shared flat in Konstanz. Feels good to come back. I spent more than 2 years in this flat together with Marc and Eric. So today I will cook in  a kitchen I am used to. Let’s see how it works out and how the results are. 
But first I take a walk trough the old city center and the christmas market. Than I will meet Andre to buy all the ingredients for dinner. Unfortunately, it’s so foggy that I can not take good pictures. Instead I add some of my photo library. Stay tuned for the kitchen story and the recipes. 

And here is what we prepared for dinner in Konstanz. We startet with a fennel-curry soup with salmon, followed by an Indonesian style grilled chicken with lemon-chili crust and tagliatelle, chicory and parsnip. For dessert I prepared apple-blueberry cream with almond crumbles.

We had a good time together and I thank Marc and Patrick for hosting this dinner. Also many thanks to Andre and Andre for joining the action. It was a nice to have you all around. I decided to add the preparation of every dinner, when I have reached my parents place. Tomorrow I will head on to Stuttgart. Be ready!

Hi Dudes,

yesterday I arrived in the charming city Freiburg. I have spent here 12 months at the Fraunhofer ISE working on my thesis and as a research assistant. I had so much good memories when I arrived with the bus from Karlsruhe. For me Freiburg is one of the most livable city in Germany! I climbed the Münster of Freiburg, walked through the city and drove on the mountain “Schauinsland”.  On its peak we had an amazing view into the valley and the winter sunset.

Together with Matze and Jan we cooked in Jan’s kitchen. Our plan was to watch the latest Warren-Miller’s ticket to ride skiing movie (www.skitheworld.de) at the CinemaxX Freiburg at 8 pm. The movie was the perfect inspiration for the winter season that has just begun. Because of this we did not had much time to prepare food.

But luckily, I brought some pieces of the cheesecake from Karlsruhe with me. As a main dish we than prepared a pistachio-risotto with fish and vegetables. It was the shortest kitchen-stay on my tour.

Jan opened a premium bottle of rum called “Tres hombres” and we enjoyed it while cooking. The rum is shipped by a sailing ship without engine, from the Caribbean to Europe! An Austrian and two Dutch dudes are running this type of cargo transport and sail across the Atlantic since 2010. What a great story.

The risotto we prepared was ok, but we left out the Fennel seeds and lavender. Perhaps of this I missed a little bit of flavor. Also adding parmesan is not mentioned in the recipe, but could be a nice idea. I will try to improve it when I prepare it again.

Thanks to Jan and Matze for being such nice hosts!

For 4 people you need: 
Vegetable bouillon / 900 ml
Saffron / 0.05 g
Onion / 1
Olive oil / 4 tablespoons
Risotto rice / 300 g
White wine / 150 ml
Fennel seeds / 2 teaspoons
Lavender flowers / 1 teaspoon
Vanilla pod / 0.5
Garlic / 2 claws
Orange zest
Pistachios / 80 g
Chili flakes
Red mullet or zander fillet / 400 g
Olive oil / 2 tablespoons
Fennel / 1
Chicory / 1
Sea salt

Hi Dudes, 
on monday I arrived in Karlsruhe. In 2002 I spent a couple of months in Karlsruhe and did an internship at Siemens and a small software company. So I am quite familiar with the city and made a short trip to the “Karlsruher Schloß” taking photos. Again with sunshine and blues skies – I am really lucky with the weather. I hope it goes on like this. 
I stayed for a couple of hours at my aunts place and she prepared a nice “Wurstsalat” – hmm yummy. After this we baked a cheesecake with red oranges
In the evening I traveled further to Ina and Andre.  There we made a pumpkin-paprika soup with garlic croutons and spinach-gnocchi with roasted pumpkin and spinach. I have never prepared homemade gnocchi before, I think it has worked quite well. Maybe a little bit more salt for the dough next time. As dessert we had a piece of the cheesecake we prepared at midday. You can find the recipes between the pictures below.  
We spend a cozy evening with wine, good food and music. Many thanks to my aunt Annedore and Ina and Andre for being great hosts on my tour. Next stop: Freiburg

For 3 people you need:

Pumpkin-paprika soup with garlic croutons

Paprika / 2 red small
Pumpkin / 300 g 
Vegetable bouillon / 450 ml
Cream / 50 ml
Cocos milk / 50 ml
Curry powder / 0.5 teaspoon
Garlic / 1 claw
Cinnamon bark / 1
Vanilla pot / 0.5
Butter / 20 g
Chili powder
Olive oil / 1 tablespoon
Flat parsley / 1 tablespoon
Galgant or ginger
Toast / 25 g
Olive oil / 2 tablespoons
Garlic / 1 claw

Spinach-gnocchi with roasted pumpkin and spinach

Spinach / 250 g
Pumpkin / 200 g
Potatoes / 200 g, floury
Wheat flower / 75 g
Egg / 1
Sage leaves 
Butter / 50 g
Parmesan cheese
Pine seeds

Hi Dudes,

yesterday I arrived in Frankfurt. Again with great weather! Lars picked me up at the train station and showed me the most interesting places in Frankfurt. The view on top of the main tower was incredible!


I have spent a good time in Frankfurt. After visiting the city center and the christmas market we started to prepare a 3 course menu in the evening. Lars and Uli helped me to cook and we had so much fun taking pictures, drinking wine and enjoying dinner.  Starter was a tomato soup with prawns, followed by the main course chicken in sherry sauce with rice, fennel, zucchini and parsnips. As dessert we prepared Kaiserschmarrn – a very popular dessert and I think it originally comes from Austria. Many thanks to Lars and Uli for being such good kitchen host. You really helped to make this special.

For 3 people you need:
Tomato soup with cinnamon and prawns

Onion / 1 small
Olive oil / 40 ml, mild
Vegetable bouillon / 375 ml
Garlic / 1 claw
Tomatoes / 525 g, canned
Basilcum / fresh
Cinnamon bark / 1
Chili flakes
Sugar / 1 teaspoon

Toast / 1.5 slices
Butter / 2 tablespoons
Cinnamon bark / 1

Prawns / 3 à 30g 
Olive oil / 1 teaspoon
Lemon zest / a pinch, organic
Orange zest / a pinch, organic
Sea salt 
Chili flakes

Chicken in sherry sauce with rice, fennel, zucchini and parsnips

Chicken / 3 x breast, 3 x wings
Rice / 1 cup, medium
Fennel  / 2
Zucchini / 1
Parsnips / 2
Paprika powder / 1.5 Tablespoon
Onions / 2 small
Paprika / 1.5 yellow small
Garlic / 2 claws
Sunflower oil 
Sherry / 200 ml
Chicken bouillon / 150 ml

Wheat flower / 120 g 
Milk / 250 ml
Eggs / 4
Vanilla pod / 1
Lemon / 1, organic
Butter / 4 tablespoons
Salt / a pinch
Sugar / 3 tablespoons
Rumrosinen / 1 tablespoon

Almonds / 1 tablespoon

Hi Dudes,

I have just arrived in Düsseldorf, my first place to stay on my kitchen tour. Sebo has invited me to stay in his kitchen and prepare a stay-at-home-dude dining experience. After a walk through the old city center of Düsseldorf and the christmas market, I moved on to the nice Rine promenade – the weather is cold with blue sky and sunshine and big ships are shipping on the river. I spent 15 months working in Düsseldorf and I really love this city and the people!

Tonight I will prepare a variety of spanish tapas. I will post the ingredients and the pictures tomorrow after my hangover. Stay tuned!


My hangover has last longer than I expected. I had a really nice time in Düsseldorf and say a big thank you to the kitchen hosts Sebo (with Anna and Torben) and Dirk! Sebo and Torben have designed a stay-at-home-dude t-shirt for the event in Düsseldorf that shows the skyline of the city – amazing!

Tapas on Friday were a big success.
Next day, together with Dirk, we prepared chicken breast with leek-tarragon sauce and pasta. First time I used tarragon and we liked it.

For tapas for 4 people you need:
Bacon wrapped Dates

Bacon / 12-15 slices
Dates / 12 – 15
Olive oil / 50 ml
Garlic / 2 claws

Tortilla española
Olive oil / 2 tablespoons
Potatoes / 2 big
Onion / 2 small
Eggs / 4
Paprika powder / a pinch

Gambas in garlic chili oil
Gambas / 400 g 
Olive oil / 6 tablespoons
Garlic / 2 claws
Vanilla pod
Cinnamon bark
Lemon juice / 2 teespoons
Sherry / 2 tablespoons, medium dry
Red peppers / 1

Meat balls and potatoes in Sherry-sauce
Minced meat / 500 g (50/50)
Bread crumbs / 0.5 cup
Flat parsley / 3 tablespoons
Garlic / 2 claws mashed
Sweet paprika powder / 2 tablespoons
Olive oil / 2 tablespoons
Butter / 30 g
Onion / medium 
Sweet paprika powder / 1 tablespoon
Wheat flower / 1 tablespoon
Sherry /  8 tablespoons, dry
Chicken bouillon / 250 ml
Potatoes / 10 small 
Flat parsley / 3 tablespoons

Almond-lemon cake
Butter / 125 g
Sugar / 1 cup
Eggs / 4 
Lemon juice / 5 tablespoons
Wheat flower / 140 g
Baking powder 
Grained almonds / 280 g
Lemon zest / 2 lemon
Lemon / 2 organic
Water / 8 tablespoons 
Sugar / 0.5 cup
The preparation follows as soon as possible. 

Chicken breast with tarragon sauce and pasta
For 2 people you need:

Chicken breast / 2 à 150 g
Wheat flower / 50 g
Butter / 30g
Leek / 1
White wine / 150 ml
Chicken bouillon / 150 ml
Cream / 30 ml
Tarragon / fresh leaves
Pasta / 250 g

Hey Dudes,

now it’s time for a nice “Wiener Schnitzel” with potato salad. I will prepare the salad like my mom does. The dressing is not based on mayonnaise, but on bouillon.

For 2 people you need

PREP:  15 min
COOK: 20 min + 5 min
LEVEL: easy

Veal escalope / 400 g, thinly sliced
Eggs / 2
Bread crumbs
Wheat flour
Sunflower oil 
Butter / 1 tablespoon
Lemon / 1 organic
Potatoes / 6 medium sized
Vegetable bouillon / 100 – 150 ml
Onion / 1 small
Mustard / 1 tablespoon
Apple vinegar / 2 tablespoons
Sunflower oil / 2 tablespoons



1. Bring the potatoes to a boil in a big pot. After 20 min remove them from the pot and set them aside. Now they have to cool down for 20 min. Peel, slice and put them into a bowl. Add chopped onions, mustard, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper and bouillon. Mix all ingredients with two tablespoons.

2. Take three soup plates and fill the first one with flower, 2nd with whisked eggs, salt and pepper and last one with bread crumbs.

3. The veal escalopes have to be pretty thin (2-3 mm)! Grab a pan, place the escalopes on the kitchen counter, cover them with kitchen foil and pound them with the pan.

4. Now toss the escalopes in flower, eggs and finally in breadcrumbs. Take a large pan and heat up oil and butter. The base of the pan should be completely covered. Fry the schnitzel on both side till they are brown. Meanwhile cut the lemon in slices. Drain the schnitzel on kitchen paper.

5. Check if the potato salad needs more salt. Arrange it on a plate and enjoy!

Hi Dudes,

after a nice weekend in Friesland I want to update my blog with an upcoming event and of course a new recipe. On 13th december, I will start my Stay-at-home-dude.com kitchen tour 2013. I will make stopovers in different cities, visit and cook for my friends and update my blog while traveling. Have a look at this trailer:

And here comes the recipe of a delicious Thai fish soup. 

For 2 people you need

PREP:  15 min
COOK: 13min
LEVEL: easy

Salmon / 125 g
Codfish / 125 g
Paksoi / 0.25 
Hokkaido pumpkin / 300 g
Fennel / 0.5
Coconut milk / 200 ml

Yellow thai curry paste / 1 tablespoon
Curcuma / 0.25 teespoon
Lemongrass / 1 stick
Fish bouillon / 300 ml 
Thai fish sauce / 0.5 tablespoon
Brown sugar / 1 tablespoon
Lime leaves / 2 
Lemon / 1
Fresh coriander


1. Cut the pumpkin and fish in cubes of 2 cm. Cut the paksoi in stripes and cut off the white parts.

2. Fill 4 tablespoons of coconut milk in a pot and stir it together with the curry paste and curcuma. Bring it to a boil. 

3. Deglaze with bouillon and add rest of coconut milk, pumpkin, fennel, lemongrass, fish sauce, sugar and lime leaves. Cook it for 10 min.

4. Add fish and paksoi and let it boil for another 3 min. Spice up with lemon juice.

5. Serve the soup in a soup plate and decorate with coriander.

Bon Appetit!