Hey dudes,

this week I have been to a really nice restaurant in Amsterdam. It’s called “Bazar Amsterdam” and it’s located on the Albert Cuypstraat 182 in 1072 BL Amsterdam (www.bazaramsterdam.nl).  The building was originally an old church and is now used as a restaurant. They offer delicious north-african and oriental dishes for an affordable price. This visit has inspired me to the following recipe. I use harrissa spice to give it a nice flavor. Harissa is popular in the kitchen of northern Africa and is based on chili, cumin, coriander and garlic. It’s available as a spicy paste or dried powder.

PREP: 15 min
COOK: 15 min
LEVEL: easy

For 2 people you need

Pointed pepper or Paprika / 1 big
Zucchini / 1 small
Brocoli / handful
Couscous / 250 g 
Tomatoes / 1 can
Lemon / 1 organic
Oil / 2 tablespoons
 Garlic / 2 gloves
Sea salt
Harissa spice / 1 teaspoon 

1. Read the instructions on the packing of the couscous. I used a fast cooking type that is ready in 3 min. Often you have to let it swell in water for a couple of minutes before you can use it.
2. Cut the vegetables in small cubes. Put the brocoli in a small pot and cook it for 5 min. Strain it with cold or iced water and set it aside. 
3. Brown all vegetables together with minced garlic gloves in a big pan for 10 min. At the end add tomatoes, harissa spice and salt.
4. Finally add couscous and 3 – 4 lemon slices and cook for another 5 min. Check if it needs more salt.


Hey dudes,

after a short blogging-break I am now ready to post a new recipe. Try to get some really fresh fish for this dish. If you don’t have a fishmonger nearby, you can also buy some frozen filets.
How is your stay-at-home dude live going? Have you already improved your cooking skills? What about your girls – do they like what we prepare?

Plaice filets in saffron sauce with sugar snap peas and tagliatelle

PREP: 10 min
COOK: 15 min
LEVEL: easy
For 2 you need
Plaice filets / 300 g
Tagliatelle / 200 g
Sugar snap peas / 300 g
Lemon juice / 2 tablespoons
Shallot / 1
Butter / 3 tablespoons
Fish bouillon / 75 ml
White wine / 75 ml
Cream / 125 g
Saffron / 0,05 g
Sea salt
Sugar / 0.5 teespoon
Chili / 1 dried small

1.  Preheat 2 plates in the oven at 60° C

2. Heat up a big pot with salted water for the tagliatelle. Add 1 dried chilli to the water for extra flavor. I like to use fresh pasta as often as possible. Keep in mind that fresh pasta needs just 2 – 3 min of boiling time. If you are using other pasta stick to the preparation on the packing.

3. Place the filets on a plate, marinate with lemon juice. Add pepper and salt.

4. Start to fry the sugar snap peas in 2 tbsp butter, add sugar and salt. After 10 min they are done.

5. Meanwhile finely chop the shallot and cook until they are tender. Deglaze with white wine and fish bouillon and add saffron. Add the filets, bring to a boil and then simmer for 3 min covered. Then remove the fish from the pan carefully and set aside. Now add cream and spice up with salt and pepper. Simmer for another 3 min and put the fish back into the sauce.

6. In the last 2 – 3 min cook the fresh tagliatelle, strain, remove the chili and arrange everything on the preheated plates. A slice of lemon looks good on the fish.


Thanks to Bibi and Tom for being our guests and having a nice dinner together.

Hi dudes,

I hope you enjoyed the chili and you are ready for a new receipt.
The next one was sent by Alex. It’s a tasty dish that is easy and fast to prepare. Thank you Alex for your input!

Lemon spaghetti with zucchini and shrimps 

PREP: 15 min
COOK: 15 min
LEVEL: easy

For 2 people you need

Spaghetti / 300 g
Shrimps / 10
Zucchini / 1 big
Cream / 200 ml
Vegetable bouillon / 200 ml
Garlic / 2 cloves
Lemon zest / organic, 1 teaspoon
Dried herbs / marjoram, rosemary
Fresh Basil leaves / 2 tbsp


– Fry the shrimps in oil until they are almost done and set aside.
– Cut zucchini into thin stripes and fry with the garlic in the same pan for 10 min.
– Meanwhile, cook spaghetti in salted water.  Drain the spaghetti about 1 minute before they are done.
– Deglaze the zucchini with a cup of vegetable bouillon and cream. Simmer until the sauce is slightly reduced. Add herbs, pepper, parmesan, salt and lemon zest.
– Add spaghetti and shrimps to the sauce and simmer it again for 3 min.
– Decorate with freshly grated Parmesan and cut basil leaves.

Eet smakelijk!

    Today I am proud to present the world’s best chili con carne! It’s a recipe from Eric. He prepared it several times, when I was living in Constance. It’s the perfect dish after an exhausting clubbing weekend. The recipe is for 4 – 5 hungry people. It can be easily warmed up the next day or you store leftovers in the freezer.

World’s best Chili con Carne (010)

PREP: 30 min
COOK: 2 h
LEVEL: easy
For 4 – 5 people you need

Ground beef and pork (70/30) / 900 g 
Water / 1 cup
Tomatoes / 1 can 
Beer / 1 can or bottle 
Garlic / 5 cloves, minced 
Onions / 3-4 depending on size 
Beans / 3 cans of different beans 
Corn / 1 can 
Chili powder / 2-3 tbsp 
Bouillon / 2 tbsp 
Cumin / 2 teaspoon 
Paprika powder / 2  teaspoon 
Oregano / 2  teaspoon 
Sugar/ 2  teaspoon
Coriander / 0,5 teaspoon 
Hotsauce / depending on spicy level desired 
Dark chocolate / 20 g
Corn meal

1. Brown 450 g of the meat in a big pan or pot.

2. Remove the meat from pot, strain and set aside. Brown rest of meat, strain but leave some fat in there.

3. Add Garlic and onions, cook and stir until they are tender.

4. Add rest of the meat and all other ingredients. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 2 hours covered, stirring occasionally. Add some corn meal or flower for consistency.

5. Cool another 20 minutes and enjoy with rice or tortilla chips!


    Hi Dudes,

    I am back in Amsterdam. It was a nice week in Germany with a lot of sunshine.
    Today I want to post a recipe that Jan-Ole sent me. It’s a really tasty self-made pesto based on almonds and basil.

    For 2 people you need

    Spaghetti / 250 – 300 g
    Almonds / roasted, 90 g
    Cherry tomatoes / 14 small and sweet
    Garlic / 1 glove
    Basil leaves / handful
    Good olive oil / 5 tbsp
    Sea salt
    – Coarsely chop almonds in a blender. I use a dicer-extension from Esge for my hand blender. Just blend it for a couple of seconds. Fill it in a small bowl and put it aside.
    – Put the garlic, 8 tomatoes, basil and sea salt in the dicer and blend everything medium fine.

    – Add olive oil and the mixture to the bowl with almonds.

    – Start cooking spaghetti in salted water.

    – Meanwhile sear the rest of the tomatoes in a pan with a little bit of oil.

    – Mix the spaghetti with the pesto and decorate with a basil leaf and the tomatoes.


    Hi Dudes,

    I hope you enjoyed the pumpkin soup and had a great weekend with your significant other. I have spent the weekend in Stuttgart together with my girlfriend and friends enjoying the nice weather and of course a nice Turkish pide after clubbing.

    Today I post a recipe for a chocolate cake based on a recipe from Peter.

    Dark chocolate / 200 g
    Butter / 200 g 
    Sugar / 200 g 
    Almonds / ground 200 g
    Eggs / 4
    Baking powder / 0.5 tsp
    Vanilla sugar / 1 packet
    Salt / 1 pinch
    Flour / 3 tbsp
    Powdered sugar / 2 tbsp


    – Melt chocolate and butter slowly in a water bath.

    – Mix eggs and sugar then add almonds, baking powder, vanilla sugar and salt. Add the melted butter -chocolate mix and flour if needed.

    – Fill a buttered baking dish with the cake dough. Bake it in the oven for about 50 minutes (160° C).

    – Sprinkle the powdered sugar over the cake.

    Delicious Pete!

    Many thanks to my Mom, for using the kitchen!

    Hi dudes,

    autumn is coming and this is the perfect time for a nice pumpkin soup! Try to get a Hokkaido pumpkin, because you don’t have to peel it. This recipe is easy and takes only half an hour of your precious time. Next week I will cook a recipe that some of you guys have sent me! New recipes are always welcome!

    For 2 people you need

    Hokkaido pumpkin / small or 0,5 medium sized 
    Potatoes / 2
    Orange juice / 50 – 100 ml
    Water / 250 ml
    Ginger / 1 slice
    Crème fraîche / 2 tbsp
    Flat parsley
    Balsamic vinegar dark
    White baguette / small
    Sea salt
    Black pepper


    – Peel the potatoes and cut them in small cubes. Halve the pumpkin, remove the seeds with a spoon and cut the pumpkin in slices or cubes and boil it together with water in a big pot. Add finely chopped ginger. 

    – Let it boil for 20 min. Refill with water if the soup gets too thick. Take a hand-held blender and mix the soup. I use an ESGE-Zauberstab M100, which is indestructible and can mix directly in a boiling pot.

    – At the end spice up with orange juice, sea salt and pepper.  If you don’t like orange juice you can also vary with coconut milk.

    – Fill the soup in soup plates, put a tablespoon of Crème fraîche in the middle, add a bit of Balsamic vinegar and flat parsley.

    White baguette fits well with the soup.

    Enjoy your soup!

    Hi Dudes,

    I had a short break and now I am back at work cooking.
    Today I want to post a recipe called “Schinkennudeln”. As I have no idea how to translate this, I just stick to “Schinkennudeln”. Basically it’s pasta with ham and cream. It’s tasty and easy to prepare.

    For 2 people you need

    Tagliatelle / 300 g
    Cooked ham / 150 g
    Schwarzwälder Schinken or smoked ham / 80 g
    Cream /150 ml
    Crème fraîche / 2 tbsp
    Vegetable bouillon/ 50 ml
    Spring onions / 2 
    Egg / 1 egg yolk
    Onion / 0,5
    Butter / 1 tbsp
    Black pepper
    Cocktail tomatoes 

    Olive oil / 2 tbsp
    Balsamic vinegar dark / 1 tbsp
    Red wine vinegar / 0,5 tbsp
    Dijon mustard / 0,5 tbsp


    – Cut the ham in thin slices and the spring onions in small rings.

    – Wash the lettuce, quarter the tomatoes and put it aside.

    – Take a big pot and cook the pasta in salted water. Cooking time should be a little bit less (1min) than shown on the packing.

    – Meanwhile start to brown the ham and onion with butter in a big pan at low heat. Be careful not to burn the butter. Add cream, bouillon and spring onions and let it boil down for 10 min. Thereafter add Crème fraîche and 1 egg yolk. Spice up with salt and pepper.

    – Mix the ingredients for the dressing in a small bowl.

    – Now add the noodles to the pan and mix them with the creamy sauce.

    – Serve on a plate and the salad in a separate bowl.

    If you want you can add parmesan cheese or parsley on top of the Schinkennudeln.

    Guten Appetit!

    Hi dudes,

    last friday my new stay-at-home-dude.com kitchen apron has arrived. The logo is flex-printed and should withstand the next cooking sessions without any problems. If you are interested in this apron you can order it in my online shop on the right side of my blog. So far it’s only available in black and white. Please contact me if you are interested in other colors. 

    And now it’s time for another recipe – spaghetti bolognese. The perfect recipe to try out my new apron! 

    For 2 people you need
    Spaghetti / 250 – 300 g
    Mixed minced meat / 250 g
    Peeled tomatoes / 1 can (Italian brand, 400g)
    Cocktail tomatoes / 100 g
    Carrot / 1
    Shallot / 1
    Garlic / 1 clove
    Tomato paste / 1 tbsp
    Olive oil / 3 tbsp
    Oregano / 1 tsp
    Rosemary / 1 tsp
    Dry red wine / 200 ml
    Sugar / 1 tsp
    Black pepper


    The preparation is very easy, but the sauce has to be boiled for a long time to develop an intense flavor.

    – Chop the shallot, garlic and carrot and fry them briefly together with the minced meat in a big pan. Deglaze with canned tomatoes and wine. Add herbs, tomato paste and sugar. Let it boil for at least 1 hour! If the sauce becomes too dry just add wine or water. At the end spice up with salt and pepper and add cocktail tomatoes.

    – Cook the spaghetti in salted water “al dente” and arrange everything on a plate.

    Salice Salentino (red wine) fits well with the spaghetti bolognese. If you are vegetarian, then just leave out the meat.

    Enjoy your meal!

    Hi dudes,

    thank you all for sending me your recipes and feedback. I will try to prepare your recipes in my next posts. Yesterday I joined a community called shareyourmeal.net. On this site you can share your cooking with people in your neighborhood. The website was launched last year in Amsterdam and is now spreading out to other cities. It’s a growing community and in our neighborhood there are already several cooks and foodies. Cooks offer their food to other people, whereas foodies only order meals. I am quite excited to offer the first dish soon.

    Today I post the ingredients for a mixed salad with fried feta cheese. Healthy and delicious!

    For 2 people you need:

    Romaine lettuce

    Feta cheese / 150 – 200 g
    Eggs / 3


    Olive oil / 3 tbsp
    Walnut oil / 1 tbsp
    Balsamic vinegar / 1 tbsp
    Red wine vinegar / 1,5 tbsp
    Orange juice / 3 – 4 tbsp
    Dijon mustard / 0,5 tbsp

    You can of course use other vegetables. Please use feta cheese made of sheep milk. Tastes much better than the cheaper one made of cow milk.


    – Wash the lettuce and vegetables. Cut the vegetables and put them aside.

    – For the salad dressing mix the ingredients mentioned above and stir them with a whisk.

    – Cut the feta cheese in small cubes (1,5 cm), whisk the eggs with pepper in a bowl and spread the breadcrumbs on a plate. Now put the cheese-cubes into the bowl. After that coat the cubes with breadcrumbs. Repeat this another time, so all cheese-cubes have two layers of egg end breadcrumbs. 
    – Fry the feta in oil until it is crispy on two sides and drain it on kitchen paper. 
    – Arrange everything on a plate starting with the salad, dressing and finally the feta-cheese. 
    Bon appétit!